PGA of New Zealand - Q-School  
Pukekohe Golf Club (Auckland)
Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th January 2018
The School will be conducted in one stage of stroke play (54 holes scheduled)
Round 1 – to commence with a draw from 7.30am, Monday 8th January
Round 2 – to commence with a draw from 12.30pm, Monday 8th January
Round 3 – to commence with a draw from 7.30am, Tuesday 9th January
Eligibility for Entry
a) Must be 18 years of age at time of event;
b) Professional golfers who do not hold a recognised Tour card;
c) Amateur golfers wishing to compete as Professionals on the New Zealand
   Domestic Pro-Am circuit.
Amateur Status
Pursuant to the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Ltd, an amateur golfer may compete in any qualifying competition for a professional Tour without breaching amateur status rules, provided that in advance of play and in writing, the golfer waives their right to any prize money in the competition. This declaration will be available for completion at Player Registration.
The following are exempt from attending the School:
a)    All existing Full members of the PGA of New Zealand;
b)    All existing Tour Player members of the PGA of New Zealand who hold a recognised     Tour playing card.
c)    Top 25 finishers on the 2017 PGA Order of Merit – if not otherwise exempt;
d)    Winners of any 2017 PGA of New Zealand Order of Merit event remain exempt up to the 12 month anniversary of their last win;
e)    Attendees at the Australasian Tour Q-School who receive provisional Tour membership;
f)     Any Professional who holds a recognised Tour playing card for the 2018season
Entry Fee
All applicants: NZD$805.00 (Note: This will not be debited to the entrant’s credit card until Monday 1st January 2018
All entries must be paid by credit card– this entry form is online through the PGA website – print it off and fill in credit card details (VISA/MasterCard only).
Entry will only be accepted and processed once the entry fee is received in full.
Note: $460.00 ($400 plus GST) of the entry fee will be allocated to the 2018 PGA membership subscription should the player be successful at the school.
Membership of the PGA
PGA Temporary Tour Player memberships will be offered. The number of cards issued will depend on the number of entries. A maximum of eight players (plus ties at the discretion of the Organising Committee) will be offered membership.
The successful players will be offered a Temporary Tour Player membership of the NZ PGA
entitling them to play in PGA of New Zealand events in the 2018 playing year.
Temporary Tour Players must finish in the top 25 on the Order of Merit to become Tour Player members. All Temporary Tour players who finish outside the top 25 on the OOM will be required to return to Q School in 2019.
The first two place-getters will have full exemption into all OOM events.
The next six will have conditional status. Play-offs may be required to determine these exact numbers.
Entry Deadline
Entries close on Monday 1st January 2018
All withdrawals must be notified to the National Events manager.
If a player withdraws prior to the closing date their entry fee will be refunded in full.
If a player withdraws (for any reason and without exception) after the entry closing date and without competing they will receive a refund of $402.50 ($350 plus GST).
If a player is absent on the tee without notification, no refund will be given.
Once an entrant has teed off no refund of entry will be made on withdrawal or retirement from the competition.
A draw will be available from the PGA website on Friday 5th January 2018
All applicants must:
a)     Acknowledge the sole authority of the Tournament Committee and Board of the PGA of New Zealand to establish the Qualifying School rules and Conditions as published on this information sheet and agree to abide by these and any amendments made by them or persons acting with their authority, that may be made from time to time. This may include but not be limited to changes in the above format and conditions;
b)    Accept and abide by the decisions of the Tournament Committee, Board of Directors, General Manager, Tournament Director or any other authorised person;
c)     Conduct themselves in accordance with the Tournament Rules and Regulations of the PGA of New Zealand – copies will be emailed to successful competitors after entry has been received.
General Policy
The PGA of New Zealand reserves the right to reject an application for entry at any time
(including during the event). Conduct unbecoming of a professional or non-competitive performance before and during the event can be a basis for the rejection of an application to enter.
Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th  January 2018
Pukekohe Golf Club ( Auckland)
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