The PGA of New Zealand is proud to unveil its refreshed brand identity today, marking a significant milestone in the organisation’s century-long history.

The refreshed look is step one of a two-step process, which will also see a new PGA of New Zealand website go live in early 2024.

PGA of New Zealand Chairman Phil Ellison said the new look combines traditional elements of the old logo but brings a fresh new modern execution.

“The PGA of New Zealand brand has been synonymous for serving the golf sector for over 100 years, we believe our that like the evolution of the game of golf we needed to evolve our branding, and its story, and we are pleased that this refreshed identity sets us well for the future by aligning better with other international PGA’s and a cleaner, easier to identify logo.”

The goal was to refine the visual brand in a way that would not only honour the heritage of the PGA but also represent the future of professional golf in New Zealand. The iconic blue badge concept was retained as it is synonymous with the PGA of New Zealand, but it has been gracefully refreshed to symbolise the union of the PGA’s tradition along with its future focus.

“We are proud of our history but equally excited about the future, and our refreshed brand reflects the natural evolution of golf and our brand,” Ellison said.

The modernised version of the traditional blue badge will continue to lead the brand identity with several other lock-up options now available. These have been created to allow PGA of New Zealand members to choose the brand identity that best reflects them and their role in the golfing community.

The collaboration of the PGA of New Zealand and Golf New Zealand’s Commercial and Marketing team brought this vision to fruition.

Ellison noted, “Golf New Zealand’s graphic designer, Makayla Ashby, has done a wonderful job creating our new look and feel. Working with Golf New Zealand has allowed us to bring our vision of both a refreshed brand and a new website early next year to the membership and the wider golfing public where it will be easier to access information including our PGA members with their relevant skills and expertise.”