John became an Assistant Professional in July 1955 at Moor Park Golf Club in London and for his first year his main task was to pick up the balls after the head Pro had finished his lessons. He stayed there for 18 months before moving to Veralum G C to work for Tony Moore. John became the playing assistant there and played about 10 rounds a week with the members who paid to play with him. All told he spent approx. 9 years as an assistant Pro. In that time he was never allowed to give a lesson.

He came to NZ in mid/late 60’s and became head Professional at Maraenui Golf Club in Napier where he spent 5 years and then went back to the UK and eventually to Norway where he took a club position for the Summer. He was then appointed head Professional to the Rotorua Golf Club where he stayed for about 20 years. John lost the sight in his left eye at age 7 and eventually at age 47 began losing the sight in his right eye, which was when he decided to retire from Rotorua GC.

One of his favourite moments at Rotorua was the day Arnold Palmer came into the Proshop and introduced himself to John. Arnie told his film crew to go out and do whatever they had to do and then said to John come on I will buy you a beer and proceeded into the clubhouse and they sat down and had a great chat. The club members were stunned seeing Arnie in the club lounge buying John a beer. Some of John’s trainees at Rotorua were Dennis M Clark, Wayne Davies, Bill Branthwaite and Nathan Ludgate. 

Not only was John a great coach and businessman he was also a very good player. He was runner/up to Kel Nagle in the 1973 NZPGA Championship at Mt Maunganui.

John’s father Eddie worked for the British PGA as a carpenter building their big scoreboard to eventually becoming one of the Score Recorders when you signed your card at the end of play.

RIP John. You were a great friend and I just loved spending time with you and listening to your stories of golf.
Written by Life Member, and friend, Dennis J. Clark "Yogi"