Saturday Morning games (Round 3) are all done and dusted. Playing two-man best ball the New Zealand team tied with the Australian team 1 all.
Pieter Zwart and Jared Pender stuck strong to lose 2-down to Jamie Hook and TJ King who were very dominant in the first half of the match. They were 4-down through 11-holes but dug deep to get the match to 1-down after 16. Jared holed a nice 30-footer on the 17th green to boost the team energy until Jamie Hook dribbled in his 25-footer on top. Playing the par 5, 18th hole TJ King managed to make birdie 4 to Jared and Pieter’s par.
Dongwoo Kang and Brad Shilton combined beautifully to beat the Australian pair of Murray Lott and Matthew Guyatt. After Dongwoo made a birdie on the second hole the pair were never behind and turned 3-up. They went on to win 4&3.
On Saturday afternoon (Round 4), the New Zealand Team took on the strong Canadian Team in a two-man best ball format. Leading off were Pieter Zwart and Jared Pender, and they played a very difficult pairing with Gord Burns and Kevin Stinson. After nine holes, the Canadian pair were 1-up and went 2-up after the 12th hole.
Jared was able to birdie the par 5, 13th hole to effectively pull one shot back; then on the 16th hole, Pieter was able to get up and down from the fairway bunker, making a sweet birdie 3. We were all tied up on the par 3, 17th hole and all four of the players made par.
So, it all came down to the 18th hole. Pieter and Jared were able to hit two strong iron shots into the par 5, 18th hole. One coming up just short and the other just long. Gord chipped up close for 4 and Kevin played a very good bunker shot to secure his 4. Jared rolled his downhill 30-foot putt just short, leaving the stage for Pieter’s brilliant 25-foot putt coming up over the apron of the green.
Hitting a very solid putt, it found the middle of the cup for a dramatic eagle and won in front of the team and supporters!
The second match of Dongwoo Kang and Brad Shilton took on another strong pairing of Pierre-Alexandr Bedard and Branson Ferrier. The Canadian pair got off to a fast start and were 4-under through the front 9 and were 2-up. They increased which led to 4-up after the 13th hole. A nice birdie by Dongwoo on the par 3, 14th hole got the match back to 3-down.
On the 15th hole, it looked like the match would be quickly wound up, but Dongwoo made a skilled up and down from 20-metres off the back of the green; the Canadian pair both missed their birdie putts and were left with metre-long par putts, of which only one was made. This sent the NZ team down the 16th hole at
dormie 3. A tidy birdie by Branson ended the match at 4 & 2 for the Canadians.
At the end of the days play the points stand as follows: South Africa 12pts, Canada 10.5pts, Australia 8.5pts and New Zealand 5pts.
Live scoring is available here with matches starting at 8 am South African time, 6 pm NZ time.