Mike Hendry, Mark Brown, Dan Pearce, Ryan Fox, David Smail, Gareth Paddison, Josh Geary, Ryan Chisnall, Kieran Muir, Mat Perry, James Anstiss will all be on the Gold Coast this week, for the at the final event of the Oz tour season.

For some it’s a last opportunity of the year to chase a win and get a few more dollars in the bank before Christmas. For others it’s the last chance to make enough money to keep playing rights for next year, or else it’s off to Q school mid December.

For Fox and Geary, it’s also the first event of the 2019 European Tour season, so a great chance to get a head start on the order of merit.

Campbell Rawson, Luke Toomey are just outside the cut off and will be hoping for a few late withdrawals.


Japan Tour Qualifying

Harry Bateman and Ben Campbell have the final stage of qualifying for the 2019 Japan Tour. A gruelling week for around 300 starters, played over 6 rounds. The field is cut to approximately the top 100 after 4 rounds, and the goal is top 35 at the end of the week. To make the job just a bit tougher, its likely temperatures wont get above 10 degrees all week, with a dusting of snow not uncommon at the event in recent years.