The PGA of New Zealand exists to promote excellence in the delivery of professional services to the golfers of New Zealand.


The Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) is dedicated to promoting the game of golf and enhancing the standards of the profession. In Particular the PGA aspires to;

  • Promote and enhance the status of the PGA Professional
  • Assist members to attain and maintain qualifications in teaching and related services of the highest possible standard
  • Provide world class training and qualification programmes for Club Professionals
  • Promote professional tournaments and competitions
PGA Professionals more than just Champion Golfers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTGGVaZu1as&feature=youtu.be 

PGA Motto 

  • "Non Nobis Solum" "Not for ourselves alone"

PGA Vision

  • The PGA seeks to be recognised by its members and peers as a world class organisation that looks after its members interests and activities and actively participates in the development of the game of golf at all levels.

PGA Mission

  • Enhance golf; by delivering best practice programmes and services that assist to educate and develop its members and make the game better for all.  Putting it another way, helping more people play more golf, better.

PGA Values

  • Member Focused
  • Passion
  • Professional
  • Trustworthy
  • Uphold the values of the game

Background Information

The PGA of New Zealand was founded by twelve Golf Professionals in 1913, and is one of the oldest such Associations in the world. Today the PGA has 410 members , of whom some 33 are Trainees, and provides professional services to around one hundred of New Zealand's 400 clubs and courses.

The PGA's office is situated in Auckland, and is co-located with New Zealand Golf (Inc) at Remuera Golf Club.

The PGA is responsible for delivering professional teaching services to golfers at all levels, from junior to senior, amateur and professional, men and women. The PGA Academy of Golf manages educational programmes for both trainees and qualified professionals. The Trainee Programme is a three year course, while Seminars and clinics afford all members the opportunity to meet and learn from world class experts in teaching, marketing and other spheres of the professional golf scene.

The PGA also runs tournaments and events designed to provide its members with competitive playing opportunities and pathways onto the major golfing tours of the world. Events run under the PGA Order of Merit allow for successful players to gain playing rights in Australia and beyond.

The PGA Championship of New Zealand provides a major championship stepping stone for PGA members onto the Australasian or US Nationwide Tours.

Since 1913, the PGA of New Zealand has established new standards of excellence by expanding educational opportunties, programmes and services for its members. At the same time, the Association stands firm and continues to flourish on the principles that were set down by its founders.

The World PGA Alliance
The PGA enjoys an international reputation and was a prime catalyst in the creation of the PGA World Alliance which was formed to ensure standards across the board. Among its principle aims is to establish and guide teaching, playing and educational standards for the golf profession in developing golf territories and share best practices in player development for adults and youth. Alongside The PGA, the Alliance comprises the Professional Golfers’ Associations of America, Australia, Canada, PGAs of Europe, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden. Representing more than 56,000 PGA Professionals and more than 22,000 PGA-member golf facilities worldwide, the Alliance was born from the World PGA Conference which began in 2004 and was conducted for a third time in April, 2008, in Sydney, before a first formal meeting in 2010 at Orlando. The Alliance is vital to the continued growth of the game and business of golf in emerging golf territories and reinforces the numerous roles fulfilled by the PGA Professionals in instruction, player development and the business of golf.
The Alliance is an exciting and important step in the on-going development of golf across the globe, giving the PGAs a platform to influence and drive the game in new and existing golf markets. It also fulfils a crucial role in establishing standards across the golf industry, pooling resources and sharing ideas with the long-term aim of strengthening the position of PGA Professionals throughout the world as experts in their field right at the heart of golf.
The PGA World Alliance is dedicated to the betterment of the Profession, the Game and the Business of Golf Worldwide. Shares practices and programs relating to professional standards for playing, education and work experience to enable 40,000 PGA Professionals to better serve the game as experts in instruction, coaching and the business of golf.
Promotes and preserves the recreational and competition elements of the game including the rules and etiquette, pace of play, fitting of equipment and golf course set up which maximize the fun of participation and the challenge of competition for the 60 million people that play the game around the world. Represents the positive economic, social and environmental impact of golf including creating jobs for millions of people at 35,000 golf courses, more than $3.5 billion in charitable contributions from professional and club tournaments, and the endorsement and adoption of environmental sustainability principles.


Sir Bob CharlesCom Charles

One of New Zealand's greatest Professional golfers and supporter of Golf in New Zealand.

Won his first New Zealand Open title at the age of 18 as an amateur in 1954 and went on to claim the first major title held by a New Zealander, The Open Championship in 1963. Three-time winner of the New Zealand PGA Championship and a top-30 All-Time-Money winner on the USPGA Tour.

PGA Life Members 

Allan MacKay               Michael Campbell          Frank Nobilo            Sir Bob Charles     Geoff Smart
Gillian Bannan             Dennis Clark                   Terry Kelso               Richard Ellis          John Lister


Dennis Clark
PGA Member                         
Com Newell
Tony Nowell CNZM
Board Member
Craig Palmer
Head Professional
The Hills Golf Club, Queenstown
Board Member
Alan Rose                          
Club Professional
Wanaka Golf Club, Otago
Board Member
Andrew Whiley
AAA PGA Member
Independent Board Member
John Hart ONZM
Independent Board Member
Nigel Merrett
Tour Player Representative
Brad Shilton                         
Terry Kelso
Board Member
Terry Kelso
PGA Life Member