PGA Scramble

“The return of the PGA Scramble”

We are excited to confirm that the popular PGA Scramble is back.

In 2021 we will be reigniting the event into New Zealand with Local Scramble events having the opportunity to qualify teams to the Regional Finals and the prestigious National Final.

Make sure you come along to the MEMBERS FOURM and PARTNERS DAY to receive your PGA Scramble pack. This event pack will have all the details on the 2021 PGA Scramble and all the exciting parts to it including the venues and details of the regional and national finals. Your pack will have details on how to get it going in your local area and a how to guide for you to follow.

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Play Scramble on 23 November at the Members and Partners Day!

To celebrate the launch of the 2021 PGA Scramble we will play our very own Scramble with members and partners after our members forum. A great way to experience what we know will be very exciting to take back to your local events calendars.

Don’t forget to register for the Members Day on email below and get along to receive your pack and play a scramble.

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