Gateway Coach
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Application Form
Police Vetting Form
Full Member Agreement
The Gateway Coach Programme provides Full Members with an opportunity to expand their coaching resource. 

The programme aims to provide you, the PGA member, with a knowledgeable and competent helper or volunteer, in order to assist with the growth and development of your own coaching business. 

The programme consists of two levels.

Level one is designed to be an introduction to coaching.
It will provide your team member to-be with all the knowledge and competence required to deliver a high-quality session to 'explorer' golfers.
On completion, your coach, with assistance from you, will be able to plan and implement a coaching session including all the relevant coaching points for those new to the game, allowing you to expand or redirect your focus. 
Level two builds on the knowledge from level one, looking deeper into the learning styles and skill development of participants as well as providing an introduction to the ball flight laws and video tools. 

The Gateway programme has seen success for multiple PGA members nationwide who are growing their reach and expanding their own businesses, with the assistance of knowledgeable and capable Gateway members onboard their team. 

All applications require the downloads at the top of this page to be completed in full, this includes a formalized training member agreement with you as their training member.
All training members must be full vocational members unless otherwise specified the PGA Academy.

For further information or to register one of your volunteers please contact

Gateway One

Is your volunteer keen to learn? Do you need an extra set of hands that you can rely on? 
Gateway One is here for just that!
Gateway One includes:
  • Swing Skills 
  • Coaching Game Skills
  • Coaching Values
  • Communication
  • Observe and Review
  • Resources
  • Workshop
  • Post Workshop Reflection
Price $200 +$115 annual membership fee 

Gateway Two

Keen to keep your volunteers learning?
With a workshop to accompany each module in this part of the programme, your volunteers will be set to go!

Gateway two includes :
  • Developing Swing and game skills
  • Developing Youth Coaching
  • Introducing Coaching Preferences
  • Introducing Video analysis
  • Introducing Skill Acquisition
  • Workshops for each module

Price $ 600.00 + $350 annual membership fee