Gateway and Foundation Coaches

Our Vision:  “To be world leaders in golf coach development from the grassroots to the podium”

Our Mission: “To develop and support player-focused coaches who provide experiences that grow the love of golf ”

Our Goal: “More people playing more golf, better.”

Foundation Coaches 
Run by the PGA of New Zealand, this is a three module course that takes about 8 hours to complete. This is the initial coaching qualification available to everyone who has an interest in golf. Run by the PGA of New Zealand, this program is designed to assist coaches working with explorer level golfers and some skills to execute junior and introductory golfing programs. This qualification lasts for three years.
The foundation course is designed to educate parents and club volunteers with the joys and rewards of how to coach explorer golfers, foundation coaches should be working with a full PGA member to assist and grow the game, below is a picture of three foundation coaches working at the Templeton Golf Club with PGA member Jon Bae. 

“A national golf coach development system that empowers more coaches to provide a high quality coaching service that encourages more people to play more golf, better”

Gateway Coaches

The PGA Gateway Coach is designed as an introduction to coaching.
This programme is available to anyone with an interest in golf coaching. You will coach to provide a fun, safe learning environment that includes basic skill development to those experiencing the game for the first time.
With this coaching qualification, the coach will gain an understanding of who you are coaching as well as receive an introduction on how to coach. 
The coach firstly registers their interest in completing the PGA Gateway Level One programme. This is done online via the e-learning platform from where they will complete eight online modules. They will then be advised the date of the next half-day practical workshop. They will learn about athlete development, self-development, leadership and programme management, as well as gain an initial understanding of the coaching process required to assist coaching players in the explorer community. Once completed, you will be accredited as a PGA Gateway Coach.

In line with our full PGA members, ongoing learning is a part of these memberships.
To retain your coach membership, all PGA Coach members will be required to complete coach development modules on our online learning platform PGA Coach Live.
 Cost : $200 course fee + $115 yearly membership subscription

To sign up head to and register your details.  

CDP rules of membership (278K)

Application form (64K)

For further information please contact Josh Longney on or 021778335

Registered for a golf coach education at 
The PGA has over 40 online learning modules in coaching written for your benefit and professional development in;
Performance Coaching
Teaching Games for Understanding   
Physical conditioning for Golf   
Coaching a Performance Mind Set
Effective Communication
How People Learn
Coaching Programs 
Group Coaching
Club Fitting and Technology
Game Development 
 All modules are accessed through our online learning platform to register email  PGA Game and Coach Development Manager Josh Longney -  

“More people playing more golf, better.”