5 Great Reasons To Have PGA Golf Coaching

The PGA is very proud of the quality and standard of coaches it produces through its three year Diploma programme.
But the real beneficiaries are the thousands of golfers who regularly take coaching sessions with their local PGA pro.
If you’ve never considered teeing up some coaching, here’s five reasons why it be worth taking the plunge and making 2015 the year you took your golf game to another level.

1. It can be a hugely rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Having an expert coach exclusively working on your game is a real buzz particularly when you work together to establish goals for your game – whether simply getting round the course more successfully or more ambitious aims of reaching the single figure handicap target you’ve coveted for years.

2. Golf is rewarding for those who like to challenge themselves
A good coaching helps you realise your potential which includes being able to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently with the net result of enjoying your golf a lot more.

3. In the digital age and with a plethora of golf instruction articles in magazines or on the internet, it’s easy to get information overload.
Fortunately PGA Professionals have the knowledge to tell you what’s best for you rather than being influenced by some random tip you’ve seen in the latest magazine.

4. Strategy!
If most club golfers had a PGA pro on their bag for their weekly round they would shave off at least three or four shots through better course management. As the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat and PGA pros are adept at helping their pupils score better.

5. A PGA coach is for life!
A coaching session needn’t be just a one off hence the PGA’s preference for the term coaching. Most of us will play golf for many years so having a PGA coach that gets to know our game over the years is priceless.

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