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Career as a PGA of New Zealand Professional

Globally golf is a $100 billion a year industry, and with this in mind the PGA has developed its training into a truly holistic internationally recognised qualification. To meet the diversifying golf market, education is of the utmost importance to the game with the PGA of New Zealand leading the way in this area.

Three years of rigorous on the job training under a Full PGA member along with over 65 assessments, gives those graduating from the programme a Certificate in Business management, PGA coaching qualifications, and Club Technology and Professional Skills qualifications - all of which are internationally recognised.

The PGA qualification can open doors for you nationally and internationally in a host of areas throughout our diverse industry. The game of golf needs more people involved in our game to make it easier to be played and enjoyed, are you that person?

Head/Club Professional

The Club Professional does it all and is the heart of any golf club. From promotion of the game through club and community events to coaching the game to make it easier for the golf enthusiast. The Club Professional is a successful retailer, repairs your clubs and is able to custom fit a new set for you. They can play to a high standard and are on hand to answer any question or query the club members may have to do with the game.

Director of Golf

The Director of Golf is a relatively new role to golf clubs and is common in resort courses. Skills involved include the operation of golf throughout the course, from promoting of and hosting of corporate golf days, to the structure of the club's memberships, playing packages, marketing and coaching programmes. The Director of Golf normally oversees the maintenance and grooming of the course.

Teaching Professional

Coaching is a fantastic way to make a living in our great game. Coaching the game better to make the game easier for all golfers. As golf can be a difficult game to learn and play, the PGA professional is normally the first port of call for any golfer wishing to improve their game. The modern PGA golf coach understands a holistic and athlete centred approach to their coaching. Coaching is a major focus in the PGA of New Zealand's education programme.

Event Management

Events are a major source of revenue for clubs and event management is a great way of making a healthy living for the PGA Professional. Events can include corporate events, Pro Ams, and golf tourism both domestic and internationally. PGA Professionals also help to run the PGA Tour in the United States and the European Tour, along with other professional tours world wide.

Golf Club Custom Fitter

The Modern PGA Professional is skilled in the principles of Golf Club fitting and performance and is able to cover all four areas of a complete custom fit. Major brand manufacturers all over the world employ PGA professionals with advanced specialised knowledge in custom fitting, and with the introduction of technology such as Trackman and Flight Scope (3d Doplar Radar), the PGA professional who specialises in club fitting is an expert.

Club Maker and Repairer

Club making and repair is an art and the PGA trainee still learns how to repair golf clubs to the highest standard. Should a golfer have the misfortune of bending their shaft, chipping the leading edge of an iron, breaking or needing to upgrade a shaft, or just need new grips on your clubs, the PGA professional has been trained in how to repair almost any situation that may arise.

Golf Retailer

The Golf Retail industry is globally a billion dollar industry on its own. The PGA professional is regarded as the expert in golf and plays a major role in retail shops across New Zealand.

Golf Club General Manager or Club Secretary

The Modern PGA Professional is an expert in golf and now can also be qualified in business and marketing skills, which has led to a number of Golf Clubs employing the PGA Professional in administration roles.

Apply Now

The PGA of New Zealand is now accepting applications for the 2019 PGA Academy. For more information follow the link to the PGA website or contact the PGA of New Zealand Coach and Game Development Manager: josh.longney@pga.org.nz

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