How to turn Pro

So you want to become a Golf Professional?

Many people express an interest in becoming a golf professional, but without having a clear idea about what is involved. This page gives those who may be interested in a career in professional golf a brief introduction to the opportunities.

Did you know?

  • The PGA Trainee program has been successfully producing PGA Professionals for over 30 years
  •  The PGA Trainee Program incorporates on-the-job training, block release training schools, distance and on-line education
  •  Currently, over 30 New Zealand PGA Professionals are employed in overseas golf industries
  • Highly regarded internationally, over the last four years the PGA has been developing New Zealand’s golf coach education program.

Applications for the 2022 Trainee Program must be received by the PGA Academy by 31 August 2021.

To Apply please print off and complete the AAD Application form below 

Before I started my apprenticeship I did not know what to expect from the trainee program but as you got into it you get to understand that the PGA were not just setting you up to be a successful golf professional but more successful at life. 

There is more to it than just assignments and playing golf, it turns you into a professional person, it gives you a focus and direction for your future. The career path you choose once graduation branches off any way you like, from coaching to sales reps, to directors of large golfing resorts. 

There are a lot of assignments but I found the more you got and put into it them the more you got out of them. Each paper has a purpose and sets you up for scenarios you face once you have finished the program.

The PGA is like a brotherhood, you meet amazing people along the way and most will become your closest friends for the rest of your life. Some of these people are often the teachers and they are always willing to help at any time. 

Doing the trainee program is one of the best things I have done so far to date and it makes me proud to say I am a PGA Member. There was never a dull moment and you get to travel with mates. If you have a passion for coaching and helping people and love the game of golf, I would always recommend the PGA Trainee Program

Rob Ilott 2013 PGA Trainee of the Year

 Career as a PGA of New Zealand Professional

Globally golf is a billion dollar a year industry, and with this in mind the PGA has developed its training into a truly holistic internationally recognised qualification. To meet the diversifying golf market, education is of the utmost importance to the game with the PGA of New Zealand leading the way in this area.


Becoming a Qualified PGA Professional

A golfer who becomes a professional by completing the PGA Academy Trainee Programme has the opportunity not only to play at professional level, but also to pursue a career as a qualified coach, club repair expert, and sales and fitting retailer.


Becoming a PGA Tour Player

PGA Tour of Australasia - Q School

Do you have aspirations to become New Zealand's next Michael Hendry? Read on.....

A player wishing to earn his or her living playing Professional golf tournaments must first gain a Tour Card at a Qualifying "School" run by the various Tours around the world. The New Zealand PGA is associated with the PGA Tour of Australasia which controls and organises such qualifying tournaments in December in Australia.

There is also a New Zealand PGA Qualifying School which is held in January of each year. In 2023 the Q School will be held at the Taupo Golf Club. This school qualifies a pre-determined number, usually around 25%, giving them the right to compete in almost all of that current year's events. Those interested in qualifying for the PGA Pro Am Series can contact PGA Tournament Coordinator Peter Witton peter.witton@pga.org.nz