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Please note that this facility has been set up for members of the public to easily contact an active PGA Professional to make coaching session or club fitting enquires or to engage with your local PGA Professional. It is not to be used to advertise to PGA members. Should you wish to do so, please contact the PGA in the first instance.

About the PGA Professional

Member2004PGA Professionals are collectively recognised as the experts in teaching and coaching the game of golf around the world. PGA of New Zealand members earn their status only after completing a three-year traineeship, under the guidance of a fully qualified PGA Member and completing the academic and playing requirements as set by the PGA Academy of Golf.

PGA Professionals are the global leaders in the game of golf. As certified experts in playing and coaching the game, skilled advisers on equipment and technology and experienced personnel in managing day-to-day operations at golf facilities worldwide, The PGA Professional serves to grow interest and participation in golf. The PGA Professional qualifies to work competently in most areas of the golf industry. 

Covering modern teaching and learning methods, coaching and advanced technique analysis, human anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics - fundamental to understanding the motion of the golf swing;

Game Development/Club Technologies
Includes extensive training and equipment manufacture, club, fitting and maintenance; event management and the growth and development of the game of golf.

Small Business
The PGA Academy Small Business course in association with the PGA International Golf Institute, covers merchandising, finance and administration, modern business principles and human resources;

A complete understanding of golf rules and ethics, career options, workplace organisation, law,  communication and business skills development.

Upon gradulation from the traineeship, PGA of New Zealand full members are eligible to become tournament, teaching and/or club professionals. Only full members of the PGA are able to hold this level of accreditation.

The bottom line is that when you are dealing with a PGA Member, you are benefiting from the very best golfing advice from a fully qualified expert in golf.
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PGA Membership Classifications 

All PGA Professionals are engaged in professional development/Continued education



Certified Member


Advanced Member


Master Member


The PGA fulfils a crucial role in establishing standards across the golf industry, pooling resources and sharing ideas with the long-term aim of strengthening the position of PGA Professionals throughout the world as experts in their field right at the heart of golf. Current PGA members have been trained in the following subject areas

  • Business Management
  • Golf Coaching
  • Sports Science
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Rules and Tournament Organisation
  • Working with Children
  • Personal and Career Development

PGA Professionals The Heart of Golf

Courtesy of the PGA’s David Coulcough

Whether its learning to play the game, improving your handicap, equipment advice, custom fitting a new driver, coaching, helping with a ruling, managing a golf club from top to bottom, coaching a top Tour Professional or simply taking a green fee, PGA Professionals pretty much do anything and everything in Golf

Perhaps best of all - they're there to help you, the ordinary golfer - squeeze the most out of this wonderful game that both tantatilises and frustrates in equal measures.

The traditional club professional role is still very much in evidence with pros remaining the focal point of the golf club or driving range - a friendly face to visitors and source of advice and help to members.

Triple major winner Padraig Harrington has no doubts as to the benefits of using a PGA professional:

PGA pros are at the heart of a range of clubs and courses across the world but all share a common commitment to growing and promoting the game. Everyone wants to play to the best of their ability - whether in an Open Championship or the monthly medal - and there's no doubt Coaching sessions with your local PGA professional can help achieve that goal.

Down the years the role of the pro has broadened in step with changes in the golfing landscape brought about by the game's surge in popularity.

As golf has become more popular, opportunities have arisen to enable many pros to specialise in a specific area of the game whether as coaches, teachers, fitness and conditioning experts, golf managers, directors of golf, retailers, custom-fitters or club repairers.

The common denominator uniting the PGA's 300 plus members is the desire to help grow the game of golf and make it an enjoyable experience for amateur players - whether by assisting in achieving a good swing or in the smooth running of a golf club.

PGA Member Profile - Matthew Davis


  1. Please outline your PGA career – locations and positions?
  • I started my apprenticeship in Timaru working at the Timaru Golf Club. Basically I was working 20-30 hours in the shop and 20-30 hours coaching, (even at level1 of my apprenticeship). My mentor was Andre Van Staden who was working at both the Ashburton golf Club and the Timaru golf club when I applied. Once Andre decided to finish working in Timaru I moved to Ashburton to work with him at the Ashburton Golf Golf.  Into my 3rd year of my apprenticeship Andre took a job in Christchurch and I took over the role as the new business manager, created my own business called SEGA Golf ( Simple, Educational, Golf, Approach) which lays out my coaching methods. I graduated in 2014 and then became the Head Golf Professional at the Ashburton Golf Club.
  1. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for a PGA member in New Zealand?
  • If you're a person who enjoys working in a team environment I believe there are huge opportunities to push yourself into a position where you can work with some of our best coaches to really upskill your experience and find your own ways to coach golf. For example The Institute of Golf, The Golf Warehouse, Resort golf courses etc.... You can run your own business and develop skills in business management, marketing, and building relationships with other businesses. You can work overseas and experience a new culture. The real big part of golf these days is technology and the science that goes into golf. Club fitting is more popular than ever and the amount of technology that goes into the design of golf clubs and how we see them work on simulators is forever changing. As PGA members if we have the knowledge behind this we will forever see the game of golf grow and our younger generation having more opportunities to become tour players. 
  1. What do you see as the biggest challenges for a PGA member in New Zealand?
  • Growing your own identity. Having a career path and setting goals to become successful in the industry.
  1. How has the game evolved in your eyes over the past decade?
  • From a younger generation I think we have created better pathways for juniors to get involved with golf, developing better ways of coaching golf that makes it more fun learning and building a team of junior golfers instead of individuals. Futures golf has really been a big part of my junior golf in Ashburton and has created more opportunities for kids to be a part of golf all around the district instead of being in one place. 
  • The Charles Tour has been a huge part in the development of our talented golfers who are pursuing golf as a career. This is a great stepping stone to challenge yourself against other great professionals in the country.
  • The development of She Loves golf with shortened tees and less rules has really made it easier for beginners to enjoy the game more. 
  • Driving ranges and simulation golf have become more popular. Top Golf is massive where you can bring your whole family out for a meal and play golf. Simulation golf where you can bring anyone and play golf indoors. 
  1. What are the opportunities for golf in New Zealand in the years ahead?
  • Utilizing the golf courses more to create different types of golf. Footgolf, fisibe golf, etc....
  • Golf is an expensive game to learn from coaching, buying new clubs and memberships, I think somewhere within these 3 main area's New Zealand golf needs to find a solution that can help everyone feel like they can take up golf without feeling "how much is it really going to cost me?". For example every new person that signs up to a full 18 hole membership at a New Zealand golf course from the 1st of January to the 31st of January gets a $100 PGA Golf Voucher. 
  1. What initiatives have you taken to increase your income through being a PGA professional?
  • I have learned new ways from other golf professionals to target specific areas of coaching and provide more opportunities to suit the needs of new clients. 
  • Attending Zoom classes with other professionals around the world. 
  • Building relationships with other golf professionals in New Zealand. 
  1. Who was your biggest influence throughout your golfing career? And why?
  • Andre Van Staden. He basically gave me a job at first to work for him and then took me under his wing and offered me to do the NZPGA Golf Apprenticeship. He had a wealth of knowledge especially in the science of the golf swing and was a great person to work with. He always had a great ethic to golf and a great personality around the whole district. Without Andre's help, especially in my first year doing the apprenticeship I don't believe I would have graduated so well. 
  • Dominic Sainsbury. Dom has been a massive influence towards the PGA Trainee Program and he really played a significant part in developing the skills and motivation to help all of us graduate and find a career path in this industry. As a person Dom was always approachable, kind hearted and treated everybody equally. This made our relationship very easy to make a phone call if there were any problems or questions to be asked. 
  • Murray Macklin. Murray had such a wealth of knowledge that he ingrained into the traineeship and had a huge personality. With the traineeship as stressful as it is Murray always had a special way of delivering seminars in a way that was easy to learn and understand.  
  • My Father Brian Davis. My Dad as most Dad's play a vital role as a junior golfer but through my apprenticeship he really helped put my name out once I started coaching professionally and has always been proud of my achievements. To this day my Father always rings me and asks "how is the business doing?" How is my coaching going? What is happening in the golfing world? and he will always tell me what he has seen on the PGA Tour.