The PGA Academy exists to provide a pathway for individuals that wish to become a fully qualified PGA Professional. 


Following a review of the bridging program, we would like to formally communicate the approval and implementation of two new initiatives – the Tour Player Pathway to Full Membership Program (TPP) and the Long-Term Tour Player Pathway to Membership Program (LTPP). These initiatives are aimed at refining our membership pathways for Tour Players. It aligns with our educational standards and enhances the transition process for individuals seeking full membership within the PGA of New Zealand.




Merger of Bridging Offerings: The two previous bridging options have been reshaped to ensure educational standards meet the requirements for full membership.



TPP – Tour Player Pathway to Full Membership Program

LTPP – Long-Term Player Pathway to Full Membership Program

While wordy, we feel the names more accurately reflect what the programs are. They are pathways into full membership for tour players, just as the Trainee Program is a pathway into full membership for non-eligible tour players.



TPP - A tour player who has earned a card on a recognised tour (as recognised by the Official World Golf Rankings) through tour school or Order of Merit finish, and played a full season on that tour.

LTPP – A tour player who has had 8 or more years of experience on a recognised tour (as recognised by the Official World Golf Rankings).


Program structure: TPP and LTPP participants can initiate their learning journey up until the 30th of September. They will undergo an observation and will complete the introduction modules as part of the process. The TPP progress aligns with the Trainee Program stages, allowing them to enter Stage One on 1st of January following their initial induction. The LTPP will consist of a selection of modules that will need to be completed in one year.



Support and Streamlined Delivery: Module completion and marking follow a consistent schedule for both pathways, enhancing support for TPP and LTPP participants and optimizing program delivery for our education team.


Cost: $5400 per year.


Final Program Summary:


No Playing Requirements: TPP and LTPP participants are not required to meet specific playing standards.

Educational Stages: Current tour members enter Stage Zero at any time between 1st of January and 30th of September and progress to Stage One from 1st of January of the following year. New members enter stage one on 1st of January the following year

Attendance Requiremnets: Participants must attend trainee schools and end of year graduation throughout the program.

Approved Training Member: TPP and LTPP participants must have an approved training member who is a Full Member of the NZPGA.

Industry Work Hours: There are no minimum required hours to be worked in the industry for TPP or LTPP participants.


We believe these changes will significantly benefit our members, enhancing their educational experience and facilitating a smoother transition to full membership within the PGA of New Zealand.


We appreciate your support and collaboration in implementing these changes. For more information please email Scott Curtis