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Nick Loach

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Current Position

Golf Development Officer

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Tasman golf

Background & Profile

I have been playing the game of Golf since I was 13 years of age. I joined the Greenacres Golf Club in the Nelson area with a set of womens clubs, and saw nothing but fun and freedom! Once turning 20 after 5 years of amateur and interprovincial golf I decided to complete a PGA Traineeship to broaden my knowledge of golf, and the swing. I completed this well fortunately receiving Excellence in Education and Trainee of the year in all 3 years. Since then I have started my own coaching title of Loach Golf as I have access to coach freely at 5 different clubs in the Nelson area. In 2019 I also took up the role of Executive Officer of the Tasman Golf Asc but have now moved my focus back into coaching and development as I have moved into a Golf Development Officer position. When I have the opportunity I also enjoy competing around NZ on the Pro Am circuit and Charles Tour events.

Personal Values and Philosophy

Golf is a game to be enjoyed

Qualifications and Playing History

AA Class PGA Professional. Tasman rep 2009-2013. NZ Pro Am circuit and Charles tour 2013- current

Favorite Golfing Quote/Moment

Pressure is for tyres